I was confused at first about where Atlas Mountains was located. Was it near Marrakech, Casa Blanca, or Fez? Because Atlas Mountains seem to be everywhere! And it’s true. Atlas Mountains are stretched over 2,500km across northwestern Africa, spanning Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. These mountains are dotted with Berber villages and riven with canyons and ravines. In other words: absolute paradise.

I didn’t see much of the Atlas Mountains during my stay in Morocco. I only saw a part of it as my tour guide drove us through the mountains on the way to Merzouga desert. The view was incredibly stunning! Large pasture grass and small square blocks of berber homes perching on top of hills. The weather was to die for. It was warm, and yet I could see white snow covered the top of the mountains. We stopped by a cafe with a rooftop terrace (most riads, cafes, and restaurants will have rooftop terrace) and I loved the view up there.