Cambridge is the home to the prestigious University of Cambridge. It is such a beautiful quaint town with preserved gothic architecture, that will make anyone feel like they’ve been transported back to the old times. Someone with an old soul like me, I felt completely at home.

I never realised that Cambridge is just an hour away from my house, so on one fine Saturday morning, I decided to take a little adventure. It has been romanticised a lot in movies; with men dressed up in fine suits and preppy style, and great people once attended the University such as C.S Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, John Milton, etc (I’ve read their books!)

So I was there and I just…fell in love completely. I adored the great colleges, the gothic chapel, and the beautiful manicured lawns (I felt like rolling over those lawns but I knew I’d get kicked out). The town itself was simply splendid! You can walk around and admire the beautiful scenery, you can go punting, you can read a book and enjoy the sunshine, or hang out at a cafe somewhere. There’s something for everybody to do. These are the pictures that I took from my trip, and I hope they will make you want to visit Cambridge too!

I visited Great St Mary’s Church tower to see the paranomic view from above! Climbing up all those tower steps . . . it was definitely not for the faint hearts!

And here’s the view from above!

Watching people do punting. I really wanted to do it, but I knew I would struggle to push the boat!

Just admiring one of the colleges. They wouldn’t let us in, but there are some colleges that are accessible to the public for a small fee.

Inside the grand King’s College! We paid £6.00 student fee to get in. The buildings were astonishingly beautiful! Of course, I had to do a mini photoshoot here hehe. Credit to my big sis for taking all my photos.

We took a stroll through Peterhouse college (no entry fee for this one!) It probably has one of the best accommodation I’ve ever seen. Students who stay here are extremely lucky! These buildings look like mini castles!

And finally, I bought these beautiful postcards to giveaway to my followers 🙂