Castle Combe is a small village in Wiltshire, England. I happened to see a picture of this village on Pinterest, and it was claimed as the ‘prettiest village in England’. So on a Saturday morning, me and my sister set off on a road trip to see for ourselves. I wouldn’t say it lives up to the title, as I’ve seen prettier villages than this, but I guess it’s all subjective isn’t it? Nonetheless, I still recommend you to visit this cute village one day!

We arrived in the morning, and I think the village was still asleep at that time. I wanted to avoid any crowd as it was becoming quite a popular touristic destination, hence the early timing. There were a few tourists walking around with massive cameras, and a few locals, but they pretty much gave us a wide berth. I don’t think they enjoyed having too many tourists in their quiet village ^^’ Always respect the place, and don’t be too noisy. There were some barriers with signs saying ‘no tourists allowed’ so don’t intrude on a private property as stated. Otherwise, enjoy the place!

Castle Combe is like half an hour away from the city Bath, so we decided to drop by for a while for lunch. I’ve been here once during a school trip and I was impressed to see the old architecture. It was very different to the big cities like Manchester or Birmingham, and still had this ‘old vibe’ which I loved.

So what do you think? Definitely a village worth visit, no? 🙂