So I was busy with work and life in general — sometimes I wonder how people have the time to go out and travel! I can’t take anymore holidays *sniffles* as I’ve already taken more than a month off so far. So going to land far far away is unfortunately not in my current bucket list – I’d just have to make do with the ones nearby my area! So I did a little research online to find a place near my area, and found this lovely image of Coombe Abbey country park.

Coombe Abbey country park is located in Warwickshire, which is like 20 minutes drive from my house. I can’t believe I’ve never been to this place when it’s just near my backyard. Coombe Abbey hotel is also so medieval looking and that makes me so happy inside. The rooms are spacious and pretty! Ooooh and guess what? They also host medieval banquets, where we can rent out medieval costumes. That would be my kind of party! Here are some pictures from Coombe Abbey hotel so you can understand what I’m rambling about:

Just amazing, isn’t it? Unfortunately I couldn’t visit the hotel as it was used as a wedding venue on that day, so I explored the country park instead.

The park wasn’t too huge but it was nice for exploring and taking a stroll. There were quite a number of people there walking their dogs and feeding the ducks. I went in the morning around 11am and there wasn’t that many people so I would totally recommend you to visit in the morning or late afternoon (I think the park closed at 8pm but you can check on google for confirmation).

There was a lake full of geese, swans, and ducks. They were really adorable! Do come with bread or biscuits for these cuties and they would come flocking to you like you’re their new best friend. There was a certain character to this lake which reminded me of being in an old Chinese period drama. I could just imagine Chinese royals in long, expensive robes and beautiful black hair walking on the stone bridge and admiring the scenery 😀 😀

Before coming to the lake, there was a wooden gate just off the path which would lead you to wild, overgrown meadows. It was a complete different scenery to manicured park, and tall green trees and stone steps and pavements. Past the wooden gate there was just wilderness. There were broken tree trunks and naked branches, as if they got struck by lightnings. It was a different kind of beauty there, and I could just imagine fairies and forest folk running around at night. I did a mini photoshoot with my sister here, and it was great because hardly anyone ever come to the meadows, as most were attracted to the other side of the park. Overall, I had a fantastic time here and I would recommend you to visit for picnics, walks, and feeding the ducks ^__^


So we did a mini wedding photoshoot. I think the background was just lovely for these white dresses. It made everything look more ethereal like being lost in the woods. I can create stories from it 🙂 As for why my face was cropped…well…I just don’t like the angle of my face ^^’