I have always wanted to visit Cornwall again. In my memory (and google images of course), Cornwall was such a beautiful place to visit. It has nature, beautiful beaches, scenery, tea rooms, cornish pasties, everything! So when I found out that the coming Monday was a bank holiday, I decided to book a 3-night trip. What I never realised was that the day I booked for my holiday, it was also the start of Ramadan ^^’

So yikes! Holiday and not being allowed to eat! I was also worried if I’d have enough stamina to walk around if I wasn’t eating. My mum however, was glad that we went during Ramadan, which meant that we could save a lot of money in terms of food haha. No breakfast or lunch. Dinner’s at 9.30pm so the restaurants would be closed by then. So we just bought some cornish pasties with us during the day and then cooked our dinner.

Also, the weekend that I was spending at Cornwall was also the time when it rained -__- Wet summer, guys, ugh. English weather is just so unpredictable! It was so beautiful and sunny the week before, and then a downpour afterwards *le sigh*

Okay never mind. I still had a nice time in Cornwall, despite the rain and fasting.

My mum booked this beautiful place called Hengar Manor in Bodmin. It was an old manor house, with each section converted into apartments. We stayed in Butler’s Quarters, which was a spacious 2-bedroom apartment, with comfy living room and kitchen. It was just nice for the 5 of us.

The surrounding area was very spacious, and plenty of land to run around. There was a small playground at the back which my sister enjoyed too.

There was a golf park right next to the manor house, and plenty of beautiful paths for walks. I just loved this lush greenery. They were just so beautiful for a romantic like me 🙂

You can go for very nice drives in Cornwall because pretty much most of the areas are scenic. Here are some of the photos I took whilst driving around Bodmin:

The next day, we went to Bodmin & Wenford railway, where they still use steam engine trains. I absolutely loved it! We paid around £13 per an adult ticket, and the journey lasted about an hour or so. For me, it was something that I’d need to experience. I just loved these steam trains. I felt like I was being transported into Harry Potter world and off to Hogwarts (is it too late to receive a letter to Hogwarts? I wouldn’t mind teaching muggle studies!)

We went to Padstow afterwards, which was a small harbour town filled with seagulls and boats. As for me, I wouldn’t recommend visiting this place because there wasn’t much to do and I know there are plenty more beautiful places in Cornwall worth exploring, but here in Padstow, they do have famous Cornish Pasties shops and Rick Stein’s seafood restaurant. We were fasting so we didn’t eat haha, but we did bought some of the lovely vegetable pasties from the shops.

On Sunday, we went to the Lost Gardens of Heligan. I had always wanted to visit this place ever since I saw those stunning sculptures on Pinterest (I use Pinterest a lot for my travel bucket list). It was definitely a place worth visiting, but it rained around 2pm so unfortunately we could only spent 3 hours there. The gardens were very beautiful, and perhaps better to come during the Summer when all the flowers has bloomed. It was still green when we arrived, and a few specks of flowers scattering around. There was a jungle in the Lost Gardens, and the plants were so humongous! They had to be millions old at least. It felt like being in Jurassic World for a second hehe.

So despite the rain, we still had a nice time. We spent a lot of time in our cosy apartment. I would definitely visit Cornwall again, this time to hit the beach!


In summary, here’s my 2-day iternary in Bodmin, Cornwall:


Bodmin & Wendford Railway – catch a steam train with beautiful carriages, eat scones and tea.

Padstow – small town harbour where Rick Stein’s Seafood Restaurant is located.


Lost Gardens of Heligan – expect to spend half a day here. Great place for walks, and they have children’s activities too sometimes.


Lastly, in line with my travelling tradition, I bought postcards to gift to my lucky followers 🙂