So here is the itinerary for our trip and how much we spent over there. I went in a group of 4 and I suggest that if you want to have a cheaper trip, then go with a group because you can save a lot together. Our budget was quite tight, but we didn’t go completely skimpy because we also wanted to have once-in-a-lifetime experiences. So it was why we also went for a desert tour, which I admit, was not cheap. BUT, I highly recommend the desert trip. Why go to Morocco if you can’t experience the Sahara? It was such a phenomenal experience for me and I’d suggest you guys need to experience it too! You can find out more details of the trip in my other posts on Morocco.

If you follow this itinerary, inshallah you will have a fabulous time there! 🙂 🙂 Even now, I still miss Morocco. It feels like it’s calling me to come home. The mountains, the quaint villages, and the bustling city of Marrakech. . . I miss it so so much 🙁 🙁  So yes, if you do go to Morocco, have fun on my behalf too!

PS: I’ve also heard that Malaysians no longer need a visa to visit Morocco! So you guys have no excuse not to visit. When I went, the visa process was so much hassle. I had to provide loads of documents and visiting the Moroccan embassy and fill out visa applications. So consider yourself lucky! 😀

8-days Itinerary

Day 1:

Arrive to Marrakech airport.

Check-in hotel

Sight-seeing (Visit the old medina, Kuotobia Mosque, Jema El-fna)

Dinner & rest.

Day 2:

Roadtrip to Merzouga Desert! Hire a tour guide for a great desert experience.

It will take around 8 hours trip on the road on the first day, so be comfortable! Sight-seeing includes visiting Ait Ben Haddou, Atlas Mountains, Ourzazates, Valley of the Roses. Even when you’re on the road, the tour guide will take many stops to allow you to take pictures of beautiful sceneries and to stretch your legs. So it won’t be that bad!

Check-in at a family riad in the mountains (bring layers of clothes because it’s freezing at night!)

Day 3:

Arrive to a hotel at Merzouga Desert to change clothes, shower, etc.

Take a 1-hour camel trek to the camp in the Sahara. Enjoy activities including sand boarding, sunset gazing, and drum party). Watch thousands of stars while lying on the cold sand in darkness. My absolute highlight of my trip!

Day 4:

Chase the sunrise on top of the dunes before heading back to the hotel on a camel. Road trip back to Marrakech. Check-in hotel at Marrakech and rest.

Day 5:

Explore Marrakech! Visit Saadian Tombs, Badi Palace. This is a relaxing day to recover from the desert trip. Eat tagine, cous cous, and other great Moroccan cuisines. There are tons of cheap restaurants in Marrakech for only £5 per meal so explore your options.

Day 6:

Take a taxi to Ourika Valley. Mountain trek through the 7 waterfalls and enjoy great picnic and tea (so make sure to pack food!). Don’t forget to take a drink from the waterfalls. It’s absolutely clean and fresh!

Day 7:

Explore Marrakech again! There are tons to see. Make sure to visit Ben Youssef Madrassa (my favourite), and the Bahia Palace.

Day 8:

Get lost in the souks at Jema El Fna. The souks are really amazing. Hunt for great bargains! I bought hammam gloves, spices, leather shoes, purses, and tons of great stuff.

Day 9:

Check-out hotel and fly back to UK.

You might read this itinerary and think that there aren’t enough activities to do. I felt the same way too when I was planning for my trip. I had tons of places written down that I wanted to visit, but to tell you the truth, we never managed to get round to it. Everyday was packed and we were always on the move, so for me, this is enough for a week. Plus, you don’t really want to rush to places and not be able to enjoy them. So take your time, admire the scenery and the culture. I spent ages in the souks just talking to the vendors and I learnt a lot about Moroccan lifestyle and culture. Be nice, kind, and you might be able to get great bargains from them.


Budget is always quite a tough one to do. We went over the budget because of things that I didn’t expect. Tips, Sadaqahs (there are loads of beggars so bring loads of change), buying stuff, etc so when budgeting, always mark-up!

The total spending (for 4 people) can be roughly broken down as follows:

Flight tickets: £310 – I went at the end of March. The price was pretty good, and the weather was spot-on!

Airport shuttle to/from riad: £20 (2 trips)

Hotel (for the entire trip for 4 people): £300 (I picked budget riads right at the centre of Marrakech. Good value price).

Desert tour: Varies. I got a really good price on it by my tour guide. I think roughly it would be around £100+ per person for 3 days. But do check! And I suggest to get a private tour so that you don’t have to wait for anyone or waste any time.

Taxi ride to Ourika Valley: £55

Meals: In Marrakech, you can get a decent meal for around £5.

Total (approx.): £1,250 for 4 people.

Again, I’m saying this is just the rough estimate. Still, for 8 days I think it’s pretty cheap. My hotel was decent and cosy, but it wasn’t luxurious. Everything was pretty much on budget apart from the desert tour which I insisted of doing. If you go to Morocco, you definitely need to visit the Sahara!


Desert Tour

I was recommended by my aunt to call Hicham who owned the Desert King Tour company. He gave us a really good price as my aunt recommended him to us, and the trip didn’t disappoint! Our tour guide Hicham had really good English speaking skills, and he took us to a lot of places and also stopped when we wanted to take pictures. He was knowledgeable about Morocco so my dad asked him loads of questions, and he even took us to his family riad up the mountains of Valley of Roses where we had a great time experiencing Moroccan culture.

I think his website is down at the moment as I can’t see it, but you can view his Linkedin here:



We stayed at two riads back in Marrakech. They were both excellent accommodation with a short walking distance towards Jema el-Fna.

Riad Dar Limour Amara

This is my favourite out of the two. I just love the interior design, rooms, and it’s classic Moroccan feel of the whole riad. We were greeted by such a friendly host who took extra lengths to make sure that we were comfortable and happy. Every morning we were served with freshly squeezed orange juice, bread, jam, and coffee/tea. Moroccan food is very simple, but clean eating. They’re crazy about vegetables too! I felt super healthy when I was there 😀

You can find out more about this riad here: Riad Dar Limoun Amara



Riad Le Bel Oranger

The room was smaller than the above riad but that’s because it was only catered for 3-people. The best highlight of this riad was the rooftop terrace. I really loved it! It was so relaxing and I could probably just lie there and sunbathe for the whole day with a book in my hands.

You can find out more about this riad here: Riad Le Bel Oranger