The pictures I’ve uploaded on my blog are mostly taken using Fujifilm X Series X-M1 16.3 MP Digital Camera.

It’s not the best camera in the market right now (it used to be one of the best in 2013), but it does its job especially for a beginner like me. I don’t even know how to shoot in RAW and I’m still playing around with aperture and shutter speed. And most of the time, I just use Advanced SR Auto mode (which is totally cheating I know), but since I’m hopeless at manual settings, that’s the mode I’m using for now. I also edit my pictures to make them more brighter and sharper by using a photo editing app, before uploading them to my blog. And the best part is, this camera is super light and not bulky compared to DSLR cameras out there, so it’s easy to carry with me everywhere.

Besides that, I also use Samsung S7 camera a lot. The pictures from Morocco were all taken with Samsung S7. I’m really impressed with the quality of the images, and the vibrancy of the colours. Sometimes I prefer using my phone becauseI’m lazy to bring my camera around everywhere with me, and with my phone, I can just snap on the go. The only downside is that the pictures can become slightly pixelated when they’re blown up on computer screen. It would be perfect for Instagram, but for a blog, the quality wouldn’t be as good as a real camera. That’s lesson learned from my Morocco trip. Now whenever I’m out travelling, I’d bring my Fujifilm camera.

But do not feel like you are pressured to get expensive equipment to take great photos. Seriously don’t kill your budget if you can’t afford it. You can check out my other blog post for tips and ideas on editing your photos for social media. Hope it helps!